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Swatch has asked the famous singer-songwriter Rolex Replica Watches to join them in celebrating their 30th anniversary! The partnership is a natural one, as Swatch has been an official partner of the Modern Art Fair since its inception.

Rolex Replica Watches was asked by Swatch to bring his colorful,Rolex Replica Watches fun and quirky sense of humor to their brand. He did! The Lebanese/British artist created two designs that are eye-catching and express his concept of the wristwatch being a totemic item. Rolex Replica Watches's creative process always begins with a narrative, as connoisseurs know.

Rolex Replica Watches created this incredible project by imagining a totem/watch that appears on an unknown world. Initially, the inhabitants are confused, but then they become intimidated by the alien object that they worship. They chop it down when it doesn't provide what they want.

Rolex Replica Watches feature a simple, but bold pattern on the strap. Rolex Replica Watches stated that the patterns were a mixture of Moroccan, Tunisian and other African and Oceanic tribe motifs.

Each dial features an image that resembles a traditional African tribe mask. The tribal mask heads come from a variety of sources. It's hard to tell what they are. It doesn't matter because their function is the same - to inspire wonder and curiosity.Zenith Replica Watches This was a major part of our concept. Rolex Replica Watches said, "We wanted the object feel a bit mystical."

Rolex Replica Watches and his sister Yasmine designed the watches. Since the beginning of this decade, they have worked together in their London studio to design and create artworks. Yasmine Rolex Replica Watches worked on this project for the past 12 months.

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